Thread: [OGPlanet] Xbow TH and his Coli Set
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What pie said basically.

/continues for kicks

- Helm will turn out high 3x/3x with good dura left (3x/4x if lucky).
- Plate needs perfect re-opting but will turn out 4x/4x with very iffy dura, I'd check the dura before putting the last two puzzles on.
- Clip is good. Probably will end up 3x/4x with a good chunk of dura left. You can either leave it as is or try adding a new opt till you run out of dura (probably at level 6 or so). Or just leave it.
- I second what pie said. Reopt so you can enchant crit from level 1 for best results.
- I'd reopt the level 10 to stamina or some other stat and enchant speed (I prefer high speed on boots). You can cube the two other opts as needed.
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