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Here comes my STR Coli Set:

Is it good enough for triple enchants? Enchants priority I'd like to see is next:
1) STR - maximum (just as planned);
2) STA - maximum (I'm too young to die);
3) LUCK - all dura that's left (since I'm crit based class);

But indeed I'm not sure about STA and LUCK. Maybe it's better to swap them?

Also I need some tips on my boots and gauntlets.
a) Should I re-opt. gauntlets 'till I get crit dmg+accuracy combo or crit dmg+STR/LUCK combo and then add accuracy? (already spend 1,5 mills. on re-opt.)
b) Same for boots. Should I re-opt. 'till I get speed+eva or speed+STR/LUCK/STA and then add eva?

Suggestions, please.

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