Thread: [OGPlanet] Xbow TH and his Coli Set
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As a general rule, higher rank enemies have higher defense (this is true 95% of the time). TDD is especially effective on bosses, which is why almost all 193+ RW's sport a hell set.

For pets, the white tiger and panda pets are better than gumiho, they're just harder to get (white tiger's not too bad right now though, 40m or so; both pandas will remain 300m+ until there's a new event with them). TDD pets like the brownie and wisp are also very viable (but even more expensive, as they're usually preferred by the pvp elite).

Enchanting coli gear, I recommend enchanting at 99% or better if you're using supers unless you want to boom a few pieces. If I'm using normal puzzles I still prefer 97% or better.
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