Thread: [OGPlanet] Xbow TH and his Coli Set
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Originally Posted by MeanieRyuch
Pet - Gumiho (if astro pet)
Is there non-astro pets, that can be usefull for TH? White Tiger, maybe?

Originally Posted by MeanieRyuch
TDD's effectiveness varies by the enemy your facing. High defense enemies will be affected more by it. Low defense enemies will barely feel a difference.
How can I know enemy's def rate? As far as I know, there's no info on it. Name color?
Too bad, LaTale doesn't have such good and detailed DB as Ragnarok does.

Another question I wanna ask: is it good idea to obtain colo set, re-assign it, update and then, when I got enough ellys for teh super puzzles, enchant?

P.S. Does anyone provide "Safe Enchanting Service"? Tired of exploding my precious equip.

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