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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
so if you can stack like 1k-1.5k str (not really possible at lvl 83 lol)
Well, maybe I won't get that much STR now, but everything takes time, right? Even if I got +250 STR now - it's going to be great! I'll hit much harder than other 83 lvl THs.

Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
for that extra 500-750 damage
500-750 base damage, multiplied by skills and crit dmg %. I ques it's going to hit hard.

Btw, I have several new questions.

1) Is TDD really that cool? During test my Tigris bow (-10% TDD) and Sphinx (+20% min), both are same lvl, showed almost identical dmg output.

2) Is it possible to have triple enchants on Colo equips? STA+STR+LUCK, for example. What are requirements (dura, lvl of "native" enchants)?

P.S. Still wonder 'bout acc set.

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