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Default 5th Trickster's Anniversary Guide

Hello guys, i'm making this Thread to help people who don't know what's going on with the drilling drop rate and the 5th annv. event.
There's no official announcement yet, i'm making this with what I know. Sorry if this isn't in the right place too.

First of all, to get started with the event, you need to talk with:

-Don Giuvanni at Coral Beach Field 2 (He asks for 3 Tokens, which can be taken from Bunny Maid, GM_Eni and Rosalina Gracia)

-Doesn't matter who you chose first, but i suggest that you start from Bunny Maid. She is at Gate of Desert Beach and she asks for 10 Messy Trash 5 times. You need 50 Messy Trash for finish it (Messy Trash can be drilled EVERYWHERE!) and then the Maid gives you one Token.

-Now i suggest you to go do the GM_Eni's one. He's at Monster Guild at Beach Town - Paradise. He'll ask you to kill 10 Brutal Orcs 5 times (it depends of your lvl, to see where is he, press "Q" and go to "Mon" tab). Eni will give you one Token too.

-For the last one, it's Rosalina Gracia . You can find her at Southeast Forest in Megalopolis. Rosalina will ask you for 5 Love Bell, 5 Friendship Bell and 5 Faith Bell 5 times (Bells are gotten from inside the Hidden Box, which can be drilled EVERYWHERE too. I recommend you to drill at Coral Beach Cave or Gate to Desert Beach). She'll you give you the last Token!

-Now, go back to Don Giuvanni at Coral Beach Field 2 and give him the 3 Tokens. He'll give you an item named "Token", and he'll say to you that he saw some kind of portal in his room, but that doesn't matter and blah blah blah, keep talking and he'll teleport you to a room with Don Cavalier in it.

-Talk with Don Cavalier and put the second option, now you need to exchange more Bells to get the Anniversary Items! Gratz, you finished it, now everytime you want to go back there, talk with Giuvanni at Coral 2!

-Now for the items:
~5th Anniversary Sword: 50 Love Bells / 25 Faith Bells

~5th Anniversary Circlet: 50 Friendship Bells / 25 Faith Bells

~5th Anniversary Shield: 75 Faith Bells

~5th Anniversary Jacket: 75 Love Bells / 75 Friendship Bells / 75 Faith Bells

~5th Anniversary Card: 100 Love Bells / 100 Friendship Bells / 100 Faith Bells
The card buff is DP (Thanks to MOEMiyuki)

~Don Cavalier Gold Balloon 160: 100 Love Bells / 100 Friendship Bells / 100 Faith Bells

For everything, you'll need 325 Love Bells, 325 Friendship Bells and 400 Faith Bells.

For the detailed status of the equips and the appearence/image, see the Valese post (Thanks Valese xD)

Hope that this help you guys
Good luck everybody and happy 5th Anniversary!

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