Thread: [OGPlanet] Xbow TH and his Coli Set
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Question Xbow TH and his Coli Set

Hi, y'all!

As title says I'm playing as TH (lvl. 83 right now) and I'm about to obtain Coli set. But the question is - which one? Let me explain.

I wanna make experimental power Xbow TH with high base damage and decent amount of HP. My vision of this build sounds like "I'mma kill you in one shot and stay alive".

So I need help choosing between:
1) Stamina set with STR/STA enchants (because of TDD and HP) and STR accessory set;
2) Strength set with STR/STA enchants (because of, actually, Strength) and STA accessory set;

1) Dryad (because of STA/STR buff);
2) Gumiho (simply because she's cute and gives crit dmg buff);

Am I mad?

P.S. I've read many threats and I know that STA Coli set with STA/LUCK enchants proclaimed to be "THE BEST OPTION EVER!!!!!111" no matter the class, but maybe there's an exclusion out of this rule?