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Originally Posted by mattduy
Here are my results

I thank whoever made this guide.
May I ask what build you had before enlightment? 7 Magic looks awesome.

I've used all my cards most likely over 1000, had a few stacks of 80+ neutral cards from mq ages ago. Most of these card ID were at around stage 5, only had a few 10+, because I rarely continue if I had less than 3 lifes. Went in with 5522 came out with 6633 legendary digrim. I didn't do any fortune telling though o_o;

As to the 'points' from card ID. It was quite interesting to see how the egg flash into all the different types - power, magic, charm, sense etc in random. But when I did my exchange to get my power and magic points, it was still 1000 exchange for my first point. So this shows that card ID does not affect the visible point builds. (ones from spamming pots etc)

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