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Originally Posted by Ayumi
It's not claimed, feel free to take it. It would've been nice if you claimed the one you took and used for Tumblr too. (I saw you, mohaha.) Not that big of a deal, I just like to keep a certain control on where my avatars end up at.
It's all yours! The source is Remilia Scarlet from Touhou. Give me a few to dig up the original link.. I have way too many folders on my computer. ._.

Probably! What do you guys wanna see more of? I'll post some personal preferences later, but I can probably make some requests too, if you guys want.

D: it was in use on here so didnt know if i could still claim just for tumblr . I Claim it now C: ( and its nice to know im being stalked on tumblr jkjk )

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