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Default [MSoTW] [24/10 - 30/10] Bolinoak Sammahn

PMX - 002

Bolinoak Sammahn

Yes, I know. My MsoTW is simply as boring and straightforward as usual. So kindly bare with it please and thank you very much for reading.

Weapon set


Melee, 4 hits kd.
This thing is just bad, honestly. Avoid using it unless its your only last option.


Double shot about 10 ammos.
Main damage dealing weapon for bolinoak. Decent range and double shot (1shot, 2hits)


Grenade Launcher, 2 ammos. Reload Down.
Useful weapon for close to mid range especially against enemies who are being locked down.

Skill set


Tank, though its a B rank scissors. I find this skill to be quite helpful at times when a rock tries to pin you down or when you have very low hp and some snipers think that they can use their KD weapon to finish you off, but you didn't die from the blast.

S2-Attack Up

Attack up for 1 purpose. Further enhances wep 2 and wep 3 effectiveness.


1) Full attack.
2) C Agility Oc Attack.
3) Full defence. (Not recommended at this era)
4) Your choice.

Skill parts:

1) Vaccine
2) Newtype Awakening
3) Special Up

How do you play Bolinoak Sammahn.
Really ? Do people still play this thing ?
I'm extremely bad at this suit. I can't really get the feel of it.
However, judging from the games I played with it and combining the wep and skill set.
I deduced that it is better to play Bolinoak as a supporter.

How do you support with it ?
You provide fire/artillery support.
Try to stick with your paper or rock allies.

If you do stick to your paper allies, do ensure that they are capable of taking down the rocks in the enemy team.

If you follow the rocks, let them initiate and get the lock down on the enemies, you spam w3 and w2 on them.

Else, should you stray away from your team. Hunt down papers that are lost or are alone by themselves.

With fortress, you can act as a tank for your certain allies.
You are also encouraged to eat SPs for your allies whom are more important than you.
(eg: allies who give buffs or are the main damage dealers in the team)

*Ancient/Antique suit.
*Rarely used.
*Its a B rank.
*Can be capped or mixed.
*Can be used to mix The O (S).
*Mono-eye and its a Titans suit.

*Fail melee. (the attack speed)
*Can't compete as good as most of the newer B-rank scissors and some old awesome B-rank scissors in the game.
*Mostly focused on playing the support role only.
*Not the best type of support suit you can find. (arguable that it is in the list of one of the worst supporters these days)

Video ?
Search on Google or Youtube


Watch an extremely bad gameplay video by me:

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