Thread: [NA] Release the Hellhound!
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Originally Posted by Resha31773
The pass for hell mode is from the silver chest that appears after beating cerberus abyss, it's a 100% drop for each player in your party (if its the same as SEA).

You can easily solo abyss if you're properly geared. Hell on the other hand poses a bit of a challenge, 2 of his skills could shave off about 15-20k HP (the fire/ice AOE). The black lightning skill is easy to avoid and makes him vulnerable to your attacks that takes some time to cast.

I died twice on my 23k HP acro in hell mode and only got this:
(my first run in hell mode)
so Cerberus compared to minotaur which ones easier to solo because a few of my guild mates say cerberus is easier because his attacks are alot easier to dodge