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Originally Posted by Saigyouji
That's weird, especially for Zero and Ley. I'm sure Zero's working fine in Korean voices for others, and same with Ley. For PK and Mari though, I'll be working on the client and releasing a new version. Fill me in on more info when you find out things.

Things to do in the next update:
-Fix PK's voices.
-Fix Jin's skill tree voices.
-Add Ley's 2nd job, Harbringer, voice.
-Add Mari's 4th job voice.
-Look into Saphire's problem with Zero's voices.

EDIT: I don't think I added Ley's 2nd job. I'll look more into it.

EDIT2: Confirmed Ley's 2nd job has not been added. Will add it.

EDIT3: Ong told me Jin's skill tree doesn't work properly in Korean voices. Will also be updating that.

I kinda quit Grand Chase, but I'll still work on this.
As a side note: Saphire, your IGN on GC is Saphire, huh? You probably don't remember me, but I'm Alyssia on GC. I talked to you several times. Doubt you remember me though.
And here i thought you never updated the patch again since you are busy with DragonNest. yet the patch is updated to 1.01b without anyone knowing.

how about you shared the patch program source code so someone could take-over when you no longer working with the patch so it could stay alive even after you totally quit GC.

here's the link for mari 4th job in korean.

for ley 2nd job you could see the link in my previous post.

Originally Posted by Shnao
He's region-blocked. u.u
If he was region-blocked now that means he was playin NAGC before and now he's playing the other server right? and the server didn't use english VA.
You can just get the NAGC voice pack from the NAGC client that you installed before. well that's if he hadn't uninstalled the NAGC from his PC.
just use the old good ways to use the korean VA that was adding the '__kogstudios_original_service__ 'to the GC shortcut on the desktop but instead of copying korean VA you should copy the NAGC VA files.
ask Saigyouji for more details on the "old voice change method". she should be able to tell you better than me.

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