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Originally Posted by Saphire
I still can't get PK working.... It makes the voice but the character itself isn't there.

Working on trying to get the rest working

Zero... none jobs work.

Ley... for some reason Harbringer is in English

Lazygenius makes Sieghart Silent. If i use the files it messes up the graphics really bad lol
That's weird, especially for Zero and Ley. I'm sure Zero's working fine in Korean voices for others, and same with Ley. For PK and Mari though, I'll be working on the client and releasing a new version. Fill me in on more info when you find out things.

Things to do in the next update:
-Fix PK's voices.
-Fix Jin's skill tree voices.
-Add Ley's 2nd job, Harbringer, voice.
-Add Mari's 4th job voice.
-Look into Saphire's problem with Zero's voices.

EDIT: I don't think I added Ley's 2nd job. I'll look more into it.

EDIT2: Confirmed Ley's 2nd job has not been added. Will add it.

EDIT3: Ong told me Jin's skill tree doesn't work properly in Korean voices. Will also be updating that.

I kinda quit Grand Chase, but I'll still work on this.
As a side note: Saphire, your IGN on GC is Saphire, huh? You probably don't remember me, but I'm Alyssia on GC. I talked to you several times. Doubt you remember me though.

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