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Originally Posted by NotTanja

Everything in this post is bullshit.

No more than every post you make.

This is just you being overly emotional over your failed Taiwan sdgo channel.

You mean Ezhno's channel, that was just the original SDGO channel. And the split occurred over rage at how ownership was acting, in addition to external drama. (Similar to your current episode).

Korean players have made a plethora of fora and a few wiki's. Mostly for the newer tw players. This was back when the only other decent source for information was the Japanese wiki, which wasn't that good at the time.

Just you, and it involved you needling those receptive like Shana for help. KR players still trolled TW, and things still went to hell.

(Although it is a decent wiki now, and it must take a lot of work to keep stuff up to date. A lot of respect for those people.) Now the TW community trolling others is something different. What has the TW community ever done? Absolutely nothing.

English community, arguably nothing. The Chinese community produced both Olgame and which are resources just as good as the wiki in it's current state.

Your point about the new mobile suits not decreasing skill cap is stupid too. I'm sorry but even my dead cat can play AR Brave, Wing ka or Sentinel.

Never said they didn't decrease skill cap, I said it's irrelevant because there are plenty of other reasons that came down to player mentality. If someone who doesn't want to improve uses a hard to use suit they'll just quit or break it.

The new trend of blaming alphaedge (for being good) is mostly due to people like yourself who whine about alpha every game you're in. "Blabla, he unbalances rooms, it's just not fun." Doesn't help that your parrot copies everything you do. You know what scares off new players? Your bullshit feud with Blarf over nothing.

IRC Drama. No one blames Alpha except for the 'parrot'. You rarely play SDGO, and are taking out all your anger over the fact that Blanko redid the entire channel ops structure due to Blarf and myself finally snapping at each other. The only real reason we have no real players coming in is a combination of the massive kb fest during the opening of DBO & the fact that new players don't have the KSSN process done for them automatically by you anymore.

Besides "Vandol kicking puppies again" makes you a hypocrite.

Besides Mono raging and having sand made this entire post pointless.

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