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Default Marchen Junk

Some of you guys may know me as an okay sig-maker, but I enjoy drawing a bit more, although I'm not as good at drawing. 8D

Here are some Trickster-related doodles I've done for fun:

Reeally old pic of a first job lion from last year. Never finished it, either; probably because there's plenty of things wrong with it. Lack of forehead ftl??

A Notos scribble from last year too, ugh. Note the shoddily tacked-on glasses.


Quick Rosetta scribble in anticipation of the Rose Garden update. I guess spoiler tag for some blood in the background, lol?


And this was something I started working on for my avatar during the Caramelldansen craze, but alas, never finished.

Umm, I'll organize this top post if I ever get more art and/or graphics done.
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