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Default N> Maestro skill build advice

For a class that looks simple and epic to use; I'm having an extremely hard time trying to come up with a decent skill build to have. So far I tried two different ones

The first one:
Music Rod Beginner/Intermediate/Expert/Highest Maxed out
Priring Drum skill Lv.14
HP absorbing 13 hit attack skill Lv.11
Strong 13 hit attack skill Lv.11
That wind attribute+ music rod skill LV.8

Magic Specialization LV.3
AP Recovery LV.3
AP Expansion LV.3
Maestro Ultimate LV.5
Strengthen Magic or w/e LV.3
Priring Drum Upgrade
HP absorb 13 hit attack skill upgrade
Strong 13 hit attack skill upgrade
Wind Command LV.6

The second skill build had:

All the same music rod masteries,and skills/LVs except for
Priring Drum Skill Lv. 20

Decrease Cooldown LV. 10
Decrease Cooldown Enhanced LV.6
Wind Command LV.6

I took the damn cooldown branch thinking it would do any good with those lengthy cooldowns, I only notice a small difference, but not that effective against grinding in fenrirs, solar farm, el alnor west, or anywhere...... >.>

By the way I'm still LV. 140; atm its still kinda annoying to level.