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DigitSlayer is just really niceDigitSlayer is just really niceDigitSlayer is just really niceDigitSlayer is just really niceDigitSlayer is just really nice

Originally Posted by Aimee
You are way too good *-*
Originally Posted by Gaap
Agree with Aimee~
Theres no such thing as too good XD
But thank you for both of you :3

Originally Posted by CoffeeBreak
Your art is gorgeous, ...
Oh wow... '' I'm not even sure what to write..
First, thank you for the nice comment, I'll try to take it apart and reply...
I especially love the way you draw guys.
If it helps, I can only draw guys XD I had 1-2 attempts to draw women but its always like... a bad drag queen in the end :/

It's stylish without being overdone, and you use gradients pretty tastefully as well.
Can you elaborate this part, with the "not overdone"? Honestly I never think this much about my pictures, i just draw ...
And I'm glad you like the gradients, I spend usually the most time with picking colours, sometimes i use 2-3 gradients for a single part to blend.

You don't see a lot of people doing monster art for MMOs, either, unless they're the mascots or the near-human types, so good job on those too!
Furries FTW Animals are so cute ^^ Thats why i like to draw them.

This sounds like a weird piece of praise, but you depict actual... volume, weight, and occupation of space pretty well. Between your weighted lines and the way you use color and light/shadow (think the last picture in your original post as the best example of what I'm talking about, especially the fur detailing) to suggest bulk... I don't know.
You mean the Bear Mage duo pic, I liked the outcome a lot too, i spent a lot of time on the shading and lights :3 I actually managed to not use white and black^^ (my usual mistake is that i cant escape of those 2 colours and the outcome is usually dry and greyish, here I don't have any such old pic I think)

Back to the gradients, too, I like that you apply them to enhance the lighting of a picture rather than replace it. I've seen the latter far too often.
Uhm... not sure if I understand, but taking my last pic as an example, I always use gradients for the base colours to add a faint sense of lighting, and then I add extra lights and colours... mere gradients are pointless for me, because it'd mess up the whole concept of the lights.

Adding some other stuff, speaking of Women, here's my recent try of drawing a friend of mine.

2 comparisons of the different stages of my pictures, pencil sketch, digital lineart and the final coloured version

And the sketch for the last pic


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