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Originally Posted by BliztForever
While the girl in the costume is so damn hot, I have an urge to punch her face >_>

Why do so many ppl (especially female characters) liked to talk non-sense (or in this case, SINGING, GREAT) that nobody understood and forced them to do things when you have just met them...?
(talking crap with that poker face is not gonna make you more cute or popular, except when you do it in front of the MALE protagonist~)

Kinda sick of seeing similar thing happening over and over and over and OVER AGAIN...
What? the nonsense talk was her singing. Don't see what's wrong with that.

Also she forced him to deliver that thing because they somehow knew each other(flashback)and she had no choice, so she trusted him, and it's not like the MC didn't have a choice.

And no, poker face isn't gonna make you cute or popular, it was obviously her personality.

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