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I think the game goes up to Megapolis.. Not sure though. With my lv. 5 bunny (I Think it's the only character one can play) I first explored 3 blooming cora fields before died and then teleported to mega.. From there I walked back through 3 desert beach fields before I reached Gate of Paradise Beach and then Dark Cave.

The game is interesting (even though it confuses me because it's not in English), it has many of the features that TO on PC has, like equips, skills, stat distribution, quests etc.

All the monsters ærm to be aaggresive.. In thenfirst blooming cora field there Are lv. 1 torobbies, lv. 3 kutyme coras and lv. 11 monkey T's..
The graphics are pretty good and I love dashing from level 1 without even using MP