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I've never been cursed actually, I found those cursing gecko things to be a cakewalk. Hell, sewer was mostly a cakewalk in general.

Blight Town...ugh. Annoying mobs, and half the area is on like catwalks and platforms suspended over holes. Poor coding is shown, and the game just turns choppy in general in Blight Town making it worse. Tough as shit to see, and there are these poison dart blowing *****s, pretty much archers except much harder to spot and the darts are extremely subtle. 1-2 shots will give you not poison, but TOXIC status depending on your poison resistance. You're pretty much dead at that point of the game if you don't cure toxic. I believe this is usually the first place you encounter enemies that can disregard guards too and just grab you for massive damage, usually killing you.

The second half of the area consists of a poison swamp that slows your movement and gives you poison. Which will also usually kill you if it's not cured. They add in these annoying flying bugs that ALSO poison too. It's also pitch god damn black with giant leeches and crap that can usually out run you while in the swamp and rape you.

About as fun as balls.