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If you let him live and let him kill the Fire Keeper, you can invade his world and kill him later in Anor Londo. If you do, you get his drops from if you killed him, AND his full armor set. You don't get his armor if you kill him before he kills the Fire Keeper.
Eh, heavy armor with crappy rolls/decent super armor. I could care less, all i wanted was dat ring. His sickles any good though?

A lot of the bosses have really stupid tricks that make them piss easy to beat. Otherwise, you're left wondering how the hell you win, or struggle doing it the hard way. The Quelaag boss for example was a bloody nightmare, leaving no noticeable openings aside from after breathing the fire, which is ridiculously hard to bait out. The melee was unblockable as well. The trick? Put on my fire resist gear, which somehow made the melee BLOCKABLE (yeah I don't know, what the hell man?), and just roll towards the boss when it does the first melee strike, then just hug it so it can't hit you and then wail on it.
Yeah, every boss in this game has a weakness that you have to abuse to win.

Oh... every boss drops a rare equip...?


Killed the gargoyles without cutting the tail, though I can't say I'm much of an Axe user.

Looks like I might be screwing my game over too, might have to restart.
Don't bother, its your first playthrough so it doesnt need to be perfect.tutorial boss gives an axe(kill without running away to jump on his head, first time you see him you kill him normally/hard way or just take black fire bomb as gift and make him a chump) and then Taurus also gives an axe(its a random drop from him though) lololololol.

What makes Blight Town so bad? gayass Curse enemies? cause i cant imagine anything worse than that lol.