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maxpayne is just really nicemaxpayne is just really nicemaxpayne is just really nicemaxpayne is just really nice
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Default Are you an Elsword Otaku??? 10/06 event

Event Log:
-> "Newcomer" event ended
-> "Boss Henshin" event ended
-> "Buff It Up" event ended
-> "Els Loves you GASH" event still on-going
-> "Like Elsword HK on Facebook" winner prize will be inserted
-> "Elsword Quizbee" event has been added

Cash shop changes:
- Added "Salvatore Denip" ice burner for 8G each
- Added Void Storm[Salvatore Solace / Netherstorm] (Chung) for 8G each
- Added Void Storm(Chung) ice burner promo 10+5 for 80G -> 10/06~10/13

Elsword Quizbee!!!!
-> You can only answer the Elsword Trivia Questions once a day

-> and progress to the board once a day

-> Answering the questions correctly will get you 2 "猜謎明星" and if wrong only 1 "猜謎明星"

-> Get the answer correctly and you'll be given a chance to draw from 3 face down cards. Select one you'll be given that card as an additional prize. [These cards are clues to other questions as well as if you open them you'll get a prize involving that card]

-> Trade the "猜謎明星" to Ariel and get 2 "活力藥水"


-> Get a quest from Ariel which tasks you to get a certain number of "猜謎明星"
to get a box of goodies:
--> 20 "猜謎明星" = 猜謎超級明星箱
--> 16 "猜謎明星" = 猜謎名氣明星箱
--> 12 "猜謎明星" = 猜謎閃亮明星箱
--> 8 "猜謎明星" = 猜謎新人明星箱

-> Opening one of these boxes will get you:
--> 猜謎超級明星箱 = 2 pieces of random Cash Upgrade Stone (lvl 3~5) , VIP Warp Ticket (30days) , Random Cash Accessory Box (permanent)
--> 猜謎名氣明星箱 = 1 piece of random Cash Upgrade Stone (lvl 1~4) , VIP Warp Ticket (15days) , 1 "Salvatore Denip" ice burner
--> 猜謎閃亮明星箱 = VIP Warp Ticket (10days) , Random Cash Accessory Box (30days)
--> 猜謎新人明星箱 = VIP Warp Ticket (5days) , Random Cash Accessory Box (15days)

-> "Quizbee Maniac" title = +150 patk&matk , 2% crit , 8% awake charge, 2% aspd, 2% dodge
--> Title can be obtained at 1 minute timer

"Bonus Question"
-> You will have this questions randomly asked to you by the trivia challenge
--> 「《艾爾之光》遊戲開發公司名稱為何?」 = "What company created Elsword?"

-> 10 lucky winners will be chosen after 10/20 maintenance and will have this prize:

squibby EVOLVES to form 3!!! - 9/10/2010
squibby EVOLVES to form 4!!! - 11/9/2011

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