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So he's definitely trying to ridicule me
No offense was intended in that post. I was "agitated" because I saw something that wasn't just slightly wrong, but completely off the mark, and then had to prove it. If you were offended, then I'm sorry.

Imo this guy wants me to show him I laugh. Something a bit off there.
I wanted you to show me a beam rifle with even lower damage than Destiny's.

You want lower DPS? Go use Arios
Depends on firing speed. But too bad we have no frame data.

Who cares about stats
Any player with good skills can make almost any suit perform exceptionally.
Well some people do care. Knowledge is part of what makes you better. You could be the best at aiming ever but you aren't using your full potential if you're using inefficient weapons.

then everyone is probably doing it wrong on all their suits
Who knows? Maybe they are. But they won't know they're doing it wrong until they get some numbers!. Games develop when people work out the theory behind things, then apply.

There, we savvy now?
**** yea we savvy.