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What, if you think its DPS is horrible then you should probably break your Destiny and use something else instead.
Irrelevant. I think Destiny is horrible~okay at best, but I keep it because I want to keep it.

I've also said that I sneak behind enemy lines and melee with Destiny. Once again you failed to read some posts.
Read your own post.

Stay somewhere safe
Unload weapons on enemies and support your team mates


Some players also use Destiny to lure in their opponents for an ambush. Destiny is more of a commander-type mobile suit that supports with awesome DPS from behind. But as for me, I often circle around maps and punt the unsuspecting papers with the destiny palm/melee and then escape before their rocks can retreat to help out their team mates.
I have underlined the important bits.
"Unload weapons on enemies and support your team mates"
First, you give horrible advice to him. We've already established that Destiny has pitiful ranged DPS. No way you can say this is "unloading" melee attacks on enemies to support. You say a SAFE place. Behind enemy lines is definitely nowhere safe.

"supports with awesome DPS from behind"
Of course, following the previous statement, I assumed you meant from behind your teammates. If you really did mean behind enemies, then fine.

"But as for me..."
Then why tell him to do something different? Why didn't you just tell him to use melee mode and backstab the enemy?

Also, blah blah blah.

U mad bro?
I'm pretty mad that you guys, what I thought were really great people at SDGO, seem to believe a suit dumped with the worst ranged specs in the game has anywhere close to acceptable DPS. (I'm only talking about some of you guys obviously. Not everyone on this forum.)

-Looks at IJ's 1300 w2 and 1600 w3 with 21.5 attack-

IJ > Other scissors
Yea, not to mention 00R's 1700 blade beam...
But they're SS ranks so I sorta expected them to rape everything.

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