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Default Help Please

[QUOTE=weissritter;1155107]1. First go to the game's main page.

and click this button below.

2. Click Agree on this page

3. Fill out the Information form as according to the picture.
-You can use any account name of your wish as long as it has not been taken.
-The Password and Confirm Password must be enter via their virtual keyboard. Other information can be enter via your own keyboard.
- Then click the last button.

4. Click this button

5. Click here to activate the game.

Your account is now activated and can log into game.


Click the left side button, then the button #2 button.

7. Enter the Requested Information

-Will ask you to enter your name, date of birth, and Identification Number. Which can not be changed.

-When Entering Identification Number, make sure to check the box off, unless you have a VALID TAIWAN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Otherwise, use a Identification Number YOU WILL REMEMBER so you can retrieve your account or change password in the future.

-Name, Identification Number, can be anything.

-Cell Phone Number must start with 09, because that is the TW cell phone # code

-Address, Zip Code, Country can all be omitted.

-The last check box can be ticked off to avoid newsletter from the game.

8. Confirm It is DONE

-If all gone well, you should see this message. Otherwise, something is wrong or mis-inputted.


9. Go download the game at the official page here:


The top is .EXE download, the Bottom is Torrent Download.

It is recommended to use torrent download because there is faster speed.

10. Install the game and let it update.

11. Restart PC

12. Once the game started type in your Account name, and Password.

13. Then you will be prompted to enter a username that will not be changable and will be what other will call you in game. It is also known as your IGN.

What if I didnt uncheck the taiwan social security number, and i do not have a taiwan number because I am a singaporean? When I try to charge cash, they will bring me to the page to verify using phone to become a fully subscribed member. I do remember the number i put in though for the security number. But now I'm stuck at the page which asks me to verify when i try to charge cash