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Default [MSoTW] [03/10 - 09/10] Legend

ZGMF-X666S Legend


Attack Up:

Increases Attack of Unit.
>A skill that makes Legend hit hard. This greatly helps in killing Rocks With your Stun and beam weaponry.

N-Jammer Canceler

When HP drops under 50%, Infinite Horizontal Boost.
>Another great skill for legend. Upon activation, you can out boost all units (except those with similar skill) in terms of horizontal boost. This also makes your mode 2 really annoying as **** specially to all melee suits.

Mode 1
1.) MA-BAR78F High-Energy Beam Rifle (High Output)

Probably one of the best weapon of Legend, Good for supporting, kiting and Killing, and a power level of 1650, this surely makes legend a suit to be reckon with. You can move while firing unlike most stun gun. It has a longer range than a normal Beam Rifle, and fast reload speed. Although it only have 1 ammo (qq) *Attack up adds 3.0; 19.8+3=22.8; 22.8*1650 = 37620 (If i'm doing it right lawl)*

2.) MA-BAR78F High-Energy Beam Rifle (Low Output)

A normal beam rifle with 1300 power level. Has 11 ammo and medium reload. Nothing Much To say except 65% of your time in Mode 1 is on this weapon (35% on Stun Gun).

3.) DRAGOON System

A rarely used weapon of Legend (Unless you dont want to go to mode 2). Has 6 ammo, 3rd to 6th ammo fires two (2) DRAGOONs

In that video, you'll see that 1 ammo fires 2 Small Dragoon but only one of them actually fire a beam in the opponent. =3=

Mode 2
(Must have 4 or more Ammo on DRAGOONs)

1.) MA-M80S "Defiant Kai" Beam Javelin

(Power Level: 1100)
Probably one of the best Melee a paper can have. Quick, Damaging, and have devastating Reach. This melee can go to close combat and battle rocks using their own medicine.

Although It is fast and damaging, never forget it only have 3 hits. (Which is Good/Bad depending on the player/situation)
A combo showed by Kisaragi was: 1-> 2 -> 1 -> 2 ->1
What I do with this is 1->1->goes behind for critical->2->gives distance->2

2.) DRAGOON Spread Shot

The most damaging arsenal of Legend. Having a Power Level of 2244 when all shots are fired (6 shots are fired so 374 per shot). Not only that but it inflicts stun as well. Has 2 ammo and medium reload.


All attack

Makes Legend a powerful foe. His stuns do alot of damage and quickly kills rocks. Watch out for akatsuki though.

Max SP

Not recommend mainly because, it focuses in SP Damage. And SP is useless if:
1.) You dont kill/hit anything. No SP gain
2.) You miss.


First of all, learn how to use each mode efficiently. Never Hug One Mode.
(eg. Dont Hug mode 2 because you will fail if you have noob teammates)

Mode 1 with Legend:

This mode focuses support. But that doesnt mean you cant kill.
Stun the enemy when needed, (eg attacking your team mate).
DRAGOONS can elevate you in a highspot to see the map more clearly.

Mode 2 with Legend:

This Mode focuses on close combat. Maximize the power of Spread Shot for it is a great weapon. It can be used for killing as well as supporting (It has stun ailment). When rocks closes onto you, dont be afraid to press R and counter them with your devastating melee and weapon 2. Weapon 2 can act like Baund Doc's Weap 3 or V2B weap 2.

Greatest Threats:

Bullet Zero.

If you are in mode 2 and got bullet zero-ed NEVER EVER PRESS R UNLESS YOUR FUNNELS ARE READY. Reason: You are a sitting duck in mode 1 if you got bullet zero-ed. You don't have any weaponry at all and can't switch mode due to having no ammo on weapon 3.

Yata-No Kagami/I field users.

You don't have any option except melee and SP.
Pretty self explainable.

Allies who don't have common sense/Dont know what they are doing.

"FCKIN RUSH DUDES, YOUR A FCKIN *insert rush-type suit here* Y NO RUSH?"
They will mess up your game and makes you lose.
"ATTACK "insert anti-beam suit here" WITH BALLISTICS NOT BEAM >.<"

Your Best Friends.


>Counter those Bullet Zeros and Boost Down.

Allies who knows what they are doing.


1.) Kyshatriya
Let see. Kysha has:
1.) Better Melee
2.) Better Mode 2, weap 2
3.) Can Switch Modes at anytime (Can use funnels while then switch to mode 2)
4.) Has Ballistics.
5.) Has Better defense.
Trully, Kysha is a better choice than Legend but I liek Legend more X3.

2.) Providence
Legend is 500% more useful than Providence nuff said.

Youtube Videos~

I am Convict.

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