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Originally Posted by KirovReporting
just to tell you, all buff skills add by %
for example, attack up increases attack by 9%, and such(more like 1.09x but oh well)
fortress is 50% increase in defense(1.5x)

and while we are discussing %, C/OC points are also %
for example, having 12 C/OC points in attack is 1.24x in attack(1.36x if B/C rank and is 0.9pt per c/oc point)
0.3 c/oc pt = 1%
not sure if this is the same for spec C/OC though
You sure? cause if I plunge all my points into atk, on say a Gundam, my attack point total is increased by about 58.6%. Also fortress is supposedly 17 points, according to olgame sd‹ˆonlineŸ”‡–™庫-Šˆˆ€

Not saying you're wrong, just being objective. If you are right I'd love to see some evidence is all

OT: I love the review! I feg bought my reborns, but I'm still super happy with it. Thing is beastly fun while not being a broken piece of shit.