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Hey, I did some digging for the old tracks with no names, looked through a Japanese site, and came up with this:

01_00 - 용기있는 한걸음 - Training Field
(The Japanese name, 勇気ある一歩, translates to "A Step with Courage" or "A Courageous Step", I think. I don't know Korean so I don't know if it matches.)

35_00 - 목요일엔 치킨마요를 - The Longest Tree
(I'm not sure if this is correct because the Japanese version gave some really weird name about chicken and mayonnaise on Thursday?)

47_00 - 少女心 - Ancient Forest Passage
(This is Chinese and translates to "A Young Woman's Heart".)

I'll look for more when I'm procrastinating again.