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Originally Posted by KanonoXlove
I already am on TW actually .......... its just .... well ........ I can`t afford to join Synergy due to my buzy life . I may look like i`m on the PC the whole time but i`m really doing lots of paperwork while being on . And ........ my acc has lame suits So i`m waiting for a good web gacha to grab some goodies then i`m good to go .
You're like 12 o_o How much paperwork could you have?

Originally Posted by Crimsonred
Most of synergy practically cares about being competitive anymore...
The tourney basically showed me just that.
It's a freaking casual clan, which is why I quit.
If you want competitive, go play Starcraft. You don't see too many people getting their panties in a bunch over other Gundam-related games and events.