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Default Update Hardwire system

hello...I Grand Chase and Trickster...I can't play Grand Chase cuz of lagg but it really my computer at fault here cuz of alot of changes and updates and upgrade and such...I guss maybe it mostly cause by my then I play Trickster...but eh...after 2 still fun for me but sadly the game is getting a little tiring as it not becoming not much to do or should I say still have certain problems for me...anyway...

I been wanting to play Pangya and Project Blackout but I can't play PB cuz of hardware so my system is not up to the task...but it seem maybe Pangya is Playable for my PC...
but just in case i don't waste time I would like to ask the community something...
what do you guys think is the best minimum and recommend requirements Hardware for this game ?

I check the website already so DUH! I know that... >_> but it been Years and as you may not know or even notice as times goes by each Online Game will pretty much gonna get you to need some upgrades on your hardware cuz of the change over the past years those game been out for...
so the requirements I check in the website is old like the day the game been release...and it no longer that type of hardware anymore...
so that why I'm asking you guys hopefully knowing, having knowledge for what best hardware for this do you know...???

there are other games I want to play as well but I want to play Pangya but if the game don't have what I need then guss I'm just gonna have to wait for a new computer...which I am planning to get a new PC...just don't know when...