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Default [MSoTW] [26/09 - 02/10] Reborns Gundam

Be caution , this is a VERY in-depth and detailed and lousy and naggy guide, prepare yourself for long walls of text that makes your brain dizzy~
(You might wanna scroll down the page for a bit to have an idea...=w=+)

"Can't you just write a simple guide?"
"Don't you think that you nag about everything a bit too much?"

Well I'm sorry, because that's just my style and reference whenever it comes to SDGO guide :3
Anyway, today the suit I'm going to be introducing is Reborns Gundam.

P.S. There is a good video at the very end of this guide which nicely summed up Reborns's features, however it's in Japanese, though if you knew some Chinese, you should be able to understand at least half of it.

================================================== =======

Reborns Gundam

S rank Paper

Versatile type
Hovering movement (for both modes)
Shield available (for both modes)

Mixed with:

Garazzo (Hilling Care Colors) *AR rank, custom 1, only obtainable from Custom Gacha*
Garazzo (Bring Stabbity Colors) *A rank, skill 2*
Gadessa (Revive Revival Colors) *A rank, skill 2, only obtainable from Custom Gacha*
Gundam Astraea (Type-F) *BR rank, any*

1. Stats [P1]
2. Skills [P2]
3. Weapon sets [P3]
------> Normal mode a.k.a. Reborns Gundam mode: [P3-1]
------> R mode a.k.a. Reborns Cannon mode: [P3-2]
4. Playstyle, stat builds, tips and other information [P4]

1. Stats [P1]

As you can see, for a Paper unit, Reborns has the most unbelievably high AGI in both modes; in fact, Reborns is currently the unit with the highest AGI in all ranks (that include Rock/Scissor & SS/SR units).

The thing is that, other than the Paper's natural disadvantage of having less horizontal boost amount, Reborns hardly moves like a regular Paper, about almost everything you do will be so smooth, almost like you're playing like a Rock or Scissor (especially when you activated your Skill 1).

Other than AGI, Reborns's HP/DEF stat are the low tier among all SX rank, however it does possess higher ATK stat to make up for the "paper" defense; Reborns's SPD may seem a bit slow, however, I assure you that those are more than enough, with R mode's two long range weaponry options, you don't really need to move that much and that fast like a Rock or Scissor.

SP stats? They are just perfect for Melee/Range Special. No more no less, no need to discuss these.

2. Skills [P2]

Next, I will talk about its skills:

Skill 1 - Twin Drive System (GN Drive Tau)

When HP is 50% or lower, boost duration +100%, AGI +4.5, ATK +1.5

This skill is nearly identical to 00's "Twin Drive System", the only difference is that 00's TDS adds 3 ATK instead of 1.5.

Anyway, this is the most important skill for Reborns, and I'm really grateful that the game put this in Skill 1...

Generally speaking, Rock, Scissor, and Paper can boost for about 5, 4, and 3 seconds respectively; with this skill, Reborns will be able to do horizontal boost for about 6 seconds.

Sure, you still can't compare it with 00 with TDS or other Rock/Scissor with Booster Extension, but it's more than enough.

AGI +4.5, well Reborns's default AGI is more than enough, but going even higher is never a bad thing!

As for that little 1.5 ATK's alright, but it's just not a very important effect in this skill.
(Btw, just so you know, a regular "ATK Up" skill adds 3 ATK)

Skill 2 - Ribbons' Scheme

When HP is 40% or lower, ATK +1.5, DEF +3, weapon's reload speed is up by 35%, SP dmg +20%

Nevertheless another great skill too, however you don't really want to rely on this skill too much, you gotta know when to let it go instead of hugging it even to your death...the thing is, whenever this skill activated, it means that you're very close to dying, and people will start throwing their SP at you as soon as they saw your 2 auras -w-

Remember that I said Reborns's TDS is lacking 1.5 ATK than 00's TDS? Well, this skill makes it even now, as well as adding 3 DEF for you.
(And, just so you know again, a regular "DEF Up" skill adds 4.5 DEF)

The weapon reload speed effect here is, well, better than Defense Command's (+25%), inferior than the regular Reload Up (+40%) .

If you loved the w2 in both modes (I'll explain them later), you will love the +35% reload effect, however, the most important effect for Ribbons' Scheme is that +20% SP dmg.

I will explain more later when discussing its playstyle, now you only need to know this:

When this skill is on, that means you're about to die, so give them the pain before you go!

3. Weapon sets [P3]

Tired? Wanna punch your monitor because of the long walls of text?
Well I hope not, because there are more in this section lol~

Normal mode a.k.a. Reborns Gundam mode: [P3-1]
Note: When you switch to this mode, your initial weapon will be w2, which is your beam rifle

Large GN Beam Saber

Multiplier value: 1200
(Standard for S rank Paper is about 1100, only a handful are 1200 or higher)

In short: range is kinda short (but last 2 hits can still hit 2 units' length), hurts like hell, top tier slashing speed, easy to cancel.

Really, it's just that good, if not for that short range, I'd even consider this to be in god tier.
Compare to other Paper with good melee, like F91 (5 hits) or Seravee (extra spin combo), though it only got 3 hits, it pack the punchs in short time.

You might find yourself using it more than you imagined...

GN Buster Rifle

Multiplier value: 1400
(Standard for all S rank is about 1300)

In short: larger projectile than standard rifle, penetrates, distance is categorized mid-range, but the range is in-between beam rifle and mega beam cannon.

I am always very fond of this type of beam weaponry since I touched F91. Compares to F91's Beam Bazooka, not only it hurts more, it is also much faster in shooting (F91's Beam Bazooka has this slight delay before firing, though it can both be a good/bad thing).

This is one of my favorite weapon for Reborns, but sadly, it is not without any cons.

It consists of 12.5 shots (basically 13 shots if you waited few more seconds after repeated shooting), a good amount of ammo, YET, the reload time for ONE shot is 5 seconds, which is so, damn, long!

This rifle can be your primary weapon, but because of the slow reload time, I'd suggest the following:

- If you found your accuracy is just bad and can't hit enemy, switch to R mode then, let the rifle reload for a bit when you spam your missile or beam cannon

- Even if you could hit for nearly all of your shots, try to start using other weaponry when your rifle's ammo amount is about 1/3 to 1/2; this is for in case that in an emergency situation where you're forced to do close combat, you won't be left with just your sword and are frustrated to see your rifle has not yet done reloading to let you shoot more than, like, 2 shots Orz

Large GN Fin Fangs

Multiplier value: 700
(10 seconds CD)

One of the thing that makes Reborns unique until SR Sazabi came out who has a similar weapon.
The 4 GN fangs you got here, unlike other funnels/bits/dragoons/fangs, would only each hit the enemy once before disappearing.

Normally for a funnel to do comparable dmg equaled to that of a beam rifle is that you'd need to swarm the enemy with them or have them repeatedly hit the targets for several seconds, and under the circumstance that the funnels didn't explode by hitting walls or have the player shoot them down with MG type weaponry.

As for Reborns's GN fangs, even though they only hit once, a single fang can do dmg rival with 2-3 regular funnels, and finish the job sooner before disappearing/destroyed.

Shall the enemy stopped themselves to try to shoot down your fangs, there are two likely outcome for them:

1. Ignores it, and received great HP drop (unless they got lucky that most of the fangs hit the wall before reaching him)
2. Tries to shoot it, but it's unlikely they will be able to do that before they disappeared; if all 4 fangs are deployed, and enemy used MG to shoot them down, most likely at most only 2 of them may be shot down

On a side note, you CANNOT access your R mode when even a single GN fang is deployed; once you cleared all 4 fangs out, the reload time is about 10 seconds, and to be honest, that's pretty fast~

If you think otherwise, the Mina hater may like a word with you =w=
(Mina's w3 with Boost Down effect also has a reload time of 10 seconds)

GN Buster Rifle's dmg is 1400, while Large GN Fin Fangs's dmg is 700, so for all 4 fangs = 2 shots of rifle.

You may think: "So why should I use it?! All that time floating in the air and aiming, I can probably use rifle to shoot twice, or more already, why risk using a weapon that's more likely to get me hit?! And not to mention that I can't use R mode then..."

Well here's the thing, you would TRY only use these fangs with the below conditions:

- only use fangs when you're sure to deploy all of them out instantly (like in big open space or when enemy is in high air, or even when enemy didn't notice you at all while you being at a good position), so you would not be left with 1-3 fangs that caused you unable to switch to R mode

- only use fangs when you still have about 1/3 to 1/2 (1/2 is more safe) amount of ammo for w2, so you won't feel so helpless when enemy closes in on you or when you desperately need something to fire

Also, when I said 4 fangs = 2 shots of rifle, technically that's not exactly true in some cases.

Let's say that you found an enemy facing you (and to make it easier, we set the place in open space like Arena), if you sent all your fangs out, they might hit critical and doubles the dmg! Shall that none of them got shot down and at least one of them hit enemy's back, you're already doing greater dmg than firing 2 shots with w2...if you didn't do anything else.

If you're lucky, all 4 fangs hit the back! That's 700x4x2 = 5600! It's awesome isn't it?! Doesn't it make you exciting? It's like gambling! >W< /

There are some other great use with fangs, I'll cover them later in the playstyle section.

Special Attack (Melee)

Badass, just badass.
(You can use it to avoid/cancel SP, but you already knew that right? :3)

R mode a.k.a. Reborns Cannon mode: [P3-2]
Note 1: When you switch to this mode, your initial weapon will be w1, which is your beam cannon
Note 2: There is no Quick-Descend function in this mode (It's not a MA @@)
Note 3: Remember that when you switch to this mode, your shield will be positioned on your right from left

Large GN Fin Fangs

Multiplier value: 600 x 4 = 2400
(7 seconds CD)

Large GN Fin Fangs again...but in this mode it's actually a cannon.

In short: slight firing delay, powerful, knockdown, super big projectile (it's 4 beams combined)

Not much to talk about, the dmg is not bad, and that slight firing delay? I admit it's still not as short as F91's VSBR, but it's pretty good too. The shining part for this cannon is that the projectile is so big that it's often easy to hit target hiding behind the cover (usually around the edge).

I suppose you guys know that for some KD weapon with dual shots (like CGUE DEEP Arms's), they would not KD the target if only 1 shot is hit?

If you're gonna ask me for Reborns Cannon, how many of shot of beam need to hit in order to KD the target...2? 3? Or simply 4? I DON'T KNOW >.>
(it's too hard to test alone...)

Small GN Fin Fangs

Multiplier value: 450 x 4 = 1800
(7 seconds CD)

Small fangs...or missiles, whatever you call it (they're ballistic type btw), just know that these things are fired/curved in a weird way, you'd often need big spaces in front of you if you fired them without manual curving; it's a bit tricky, and kinda hard to explain in more videos, or try it out when you get it :/

This weapon contains 2 clips, each clips then consists of 4 shots/fangs; for rapid firing, you need to wait about 1 second to fire the 2nd clip, you can't instantly send all 8 fangs/missiles out.

A REALLY IMPORTANT THING...this weapon has a hard time hitting enemy in mid-close distance (about the distance the Vulcan can hit), EVEN IF you curved them.

So basically, this is absolutely not the type of weapon you want to use for enemy closing in on you, and if that happened, I'd suggest you switch back to normal mode immediately.

Special Attack (Ranged)

Pew pew pew...BAM!!
(simple animation but nevertheless useful ^^)

4. Playstyle, stat builds, tips and other information [P4]

(The stuff here I'm gonna be explaining are gonna be a bit disorganized and without orders...I apologize for that...)

Usually, you would lean more forward with Reborns Gundam (mid range combat), more backward with Reborns Cannon (long range combat), this is pretty much due to the weaponry available in these two modes.

Especially with Cannon, your small fangs/missiles will hardly be able to hit target in close range, even if you managed to hit 2-3 of them, the damage is not that great, it would've been better to just use beam rifle instead.

For stat build, the very first one is my own build, the rest are what I'd suggest if you'd like for other options:

- 2 or 3HP, OC full ATK
- 2 or 3HP, OC full DEF
- full ATK all the way
- 2 or 3HP, OC leaning toward ATK while adding some SP
(amount is varied for individual)
- 2 or 3HP, OC leaning toward DEF while adding some SP (amount is varied for individual)

The reason that I'm going for ATK build is because that Reborns's default HP/DEF is just rather low, and you hardly get any DEF boost from skills either.

Sure, you get that +3 DEF when Ribbons' Scheme being active...but not only isn't that buff much, when you're at 40% or lower HP, the thing most people would do is throw you their SP, thus whether you have higher or lower DEF won't make that much of a difference.

With that ATK of a high tier, Reborns is born to be a naturally aggressive unit.
Your HP drop fast when exchanging shots with enemies, yeah, but if you had positioned yourself well and your skill is not that of a food class, you'd deal as much or more dmg as them!

Usually if you don't miss most of your shot, and with your ATK so high, starting from empty SP bar, by the time your HP dropped to around 40%, you should already have skill 2 activated or even SP available!

That's the time you strike! With the +20% SP bonus from skill 2, change to Ranged SP (or Melee one if you want more dmg) and throws it!

Because let's face it, unless you're as good as a Red Star or something, you're not gonna last very long, if you don't do it now, you might just lose opportunity to dish out more damage.

If you're lucky that after throwing SP you still survived, now your HP is pretty low, with high dmg output it's not too hard to quickly gain skill 1 to your advantage. With that +100% boost duration effect, you might still turn the table around or still deliver a few punches before you're really gone for good.

If you feel this ATK build is kinda too risky, or that you think your skill level can't really support this type of build, then by all means, go for the 2/3HP and DEF build if it makes you feel safer.

If you're confident about your skill, and consider yourself more of a beast than a man/woman, then you could try go for the even riskier all ATK build.

If you think your ATK or DEF value is high/good enough, or that you're just the type that likes to get revenge on others, then, try adding some SP for that~

Oh, and if you ever EX'ed your Reborns, I'd suggest getting Small Boost Recovery, Small Movement Up, or Small ATK Up =]

...And here's some advices on selecting Item/Skill Part used with Reborns...
For Item, I'd choose Teleport (or the premium version) over all others, basically just use it whenever you get melee'ed or is in a tight situation (surrounded, too many Scissor, etc.).

For Skill Part, I'd suggest "Special Attack Awakening" or "Latent Potential" (if you could get a lot of these).
Confirmed by test (not by me, by some other more dedicated players with concrete testing), you can boost the SP dmg by at most 75%, boost duration by at most 100%.

Since "Special Attack Awakening" adds 50% SP dmg, combined with your skill 2's +20%, you got a 70% SP boost that's near the boost's cap! You can rival the SP dmg by Providence with both skills on!
(Providence's skill 1 +50%, Skill Part +50%, but since the cap is 75%, Reborns would only lose with 5% dmg; also their SP stat is exactly the same when using Ranged SP)

For "Newtype Awakening", it's not exactly bad using this, but its boost duration +50% effect would be wasted since Reborns's TDS already adds boost duration by 100%, which is the cap, and Reborns already came with enough SPD...the only thing left that's worthy would be the boost recovery speed up by 50% effect, but I personally have a small technique using fangs to greatly reduce my boost usage, so I don't really need that too much either.

And since Reborns is not exactly a good choice for Clan or other serious team pvp, you don't really need to worry about having no V-Vaccine.

================================================== =======

Since I just mentioned it, I guess I should explain this technique using fangs first before listing some tough/threatening enemies for Reborns...

I hope that you all already knew that infinite jump technique using melee slash (not melee "dash"), but in case some don't, I'll explain it here:

Normally, if you jumped, you can do a 2nd jump again in the air which will suddenly and greatly used up your boost gauge, and after that you won't be able to do a 3rd jump.

To use the infinite jump, do:
[Jump] -> [Switch to melee] -> [Slash] -> [Switch to w2](*1) -> [Jump](*2)
(*1) During this period you'd hardly have time to shoot...well you could, but you could also mess up easily.
(*2) Back from the start.

This way, every jump you made is considered your "1st jump", instead of using double jump, you reduced less boost used.

Now, you can also do this with Fangs (or funnels/bits/dragoons):

[Jump] -> [Switch to Fangs] -> [Jump] -> [Switch to w2](*3) -> [Switch to Fangs] -> [Jump](*4)
(*3) You have more than enough time to aim and shoot.
(*4) Back from the start.

If you ever tried both methods personally, you'd realize that these methods may not make that much of a difference when you're simply trying to reach for high ground, but shows great difference in actual combat; doing it with fangs is just less actions and time consuming.

Also another advantage doing this technique with Fangs instead of the melee option, is that you won't accidentally do a melee dash (there are enemies in the direction you're facing) and drop down to the ground when you only planned on hovering in the air or going higher!

(I stayed in the air for about 20 seconds then landed, with still about 1/4 boost left, not bad eh? Now imagine doing that with +100% boost duration hehehe...)

Allow me to demonstrate:

(My fraps decided to lag on me the day when I recorded it, so I didn't do it quite perfect, but I'm sure you can get the idea...)

As you can see in the video, instead of doing double jump only once in the air, wasting that much boost then helplessly drop down, this method let you stay in the air much MUCH longer.

But of course, the real battle won't be like this, you can't float up there forever with simple movement, people who are good with air catch can still get you, or you could also have some beam punching in your face.

That's why, even if you can stay up there for a long time, you might need to use melee dash to come down sometimes.

As far as I know, only Reborns and Akatsuki (Shiranui) benefit the most from this technique, since they are both the highest rank - S rank, Paper - highest vertical boost usage, Skills - both have skill that add 100% boost duration (Shiranui even added 50% boost recovery with beam reflect), Melee - melee option is in the same mode, so they don't need to switch to R mode to use melee dash to come down.

*If you don't believe me, just look up the database; all the suits with funnels/bits/dragoons/fangs all either: (1) lack melee in the same mode (2) lower rank (3) being Scissor or Rock (4) do not have +boost duration skill, or only adds 50% amount*

This guide is almost done...bear with me...
Now onto what you should do when encountering certain situations/enemies:

If you ever encountered 2 Scissor at once, regardless of their rank, and whether you plan on continue fighting or simply wanna ignore them, BACK OFF.

I'm not saying it's impossible for you to fight a Scissor, or two at once, but you might lose your HP faster before even dealing much or equal dmg to them, AND it'd be even worse if suddenly a Rock sneak up on you! SO BACK OFF!

V2A and V2AB:
Try not to bother with them, unless they absolutely decided to bite you and not let go, even if you have missiles/fangs, it's better to fight them when you have at least a teammate supporting you.

Neue Ziel (S/SR rank):

For both versions, avoid it at all cost! Stay as far as you can from it, the only thing you can use to damage it when its I-Field is on is your missiles/fangs, and even with those NZ can shrug it off pretty easily; unless you managed to get all of them to hit on its back, you're not really a threat AT ALL.

And if it ever get close to you...remember how your missiles can't hit shit in close range? (Vulcan range) The only way you can get out of is use SP, or use teleport, or have a teammate coming to save you or distract it...oh, and if it did get distracted, you can try melee its back quickly, that's about the only thing you can's still huge dmg and fast KD (I tried it).

GP03D (S/SR rank)

For S rank version, either don't bother or spam your missile, since GP03D is not the type to rush, you'd treat it like Neue Ziel but it doesn't possess as much threat to you.
For SR rank version, about the same thing, just that you could try melee it in its normal mode; in its R mode, just treat it like any other Scissor but don't forget the fearful dmg that can come from its bazooka/rifle.

Akatsuki Gundam (Oowashi)

As usual, look out for its long range beam, those hurt a lot especially on you, otherwise, treat it like any other Scissor. When its beam reflecting skill is on, either ignore it, missile spam it, throw Ranged SP at it, but whatever you decided to do, BACK OFF.

Nu Gundam

In its normal mode, treat it as any other Scissor; in its R mode, treat it like a Oowashi with skill on, only difference is that it is not as threatening as the former without a long range weaponry.

00 Seven Sword

Maintain distance between you two, don't let it get close to have a chance whipping you; when you're doing cross shooting, look out for its stun gun, if you found yourself constantly getting hit/stunned when exchanging fire, you can try consider retreating for the moment.

00 Raiser

Good luck, even I don't really know how to put up with this guy once its skill kicks in (I'm still learning how to counter it)

Last thing is just a small thing that I forgot to mention...

In term of firing range: w1(R) > w2(R) > w2
However if you curved the missiles, then it's about: w1(R) > w2(R) = w2

Alright, that's it~ THERE'S NO MORE! @_@

However you can look at this great video here!

...And this one is me doing solo mission 1, just for some reference, like weapon range, slashing speed, etc...

...I won't be surprised that only so few or none finished the guide, or if they wanna punch me <3

I'm gonna go lie down...editing all these makes my head dizzy =.=|||