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You guys think you are good at dodge and everybody else is noobs then OC atk.
The reason I don't OC f91's atk is:
F91 without oc hp and def is too fragile. And it doesn't have good weapon damage(e.g. F91's w2 beam rifle has only 1300 dmg comparing Turn A has 1600). Ur points invested into atk doesn't have a good return.
The most important thing is there are always pros who are better than u and they will give a fatal blow no matter how you dodge.
Corps don't have DPS.

Fuunsaiki Vid updated:

Fuunsaiki--A horse with God gundam on it.
OC 5 -- 3 hp 6 def
Don't get it wrong, horse is the main part not that G gundam : )

A fun suite to play.
Extremely rely on SP.
U must get at least 2 slots sp at the very beginning of the game to transform in to burst into super horse mode(please neglect the sub part on it) before others get full SP. Or you gonna eat SP all through out the game.
Basically, you need to rush if you are piloting this horse : )

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