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Default SDGO Frequently-Asked Questions / FAQ

Here you go, I feed all of you people who are too bloody lazy to use the SEARCH function and ask like people without a brain.

A: We're not bloody psychics nor we work for Wasabii/Gameone, we don't know. Now stop bloody asking about Strike Freedom. Just because KR has it doesn't mean HK and TW are the same.

Q: What are SS, MCA, and ZBS?
A: Sliding Slash (1 -> 2+WW/AA/SS/DD), Movement-Cancel Acceleration (Advanced ver. of SS), and Zero-boost slash

Q: How to make X?
A: 1. Go to SDGO Wiki
2. Search for the unit you want to make
3. Look at ingredients
4. Acquire ingredients
5. ???

Q: How do I mix in the first place
A: First, you need the plans. Plans can be bought in the shop, or some are exclusive to missions, and you have to complete the mission to get it. Like Blue Frame 2nd L Lohengrin Cannon. If its not in TW or HK, its not released yet, so shut up. Secondly, you will need the ingredients, mentioned in the above question. For an ingredient to register to be able to be mixed, it must not be a rented MS. The key will also need to be custom 1. Sometimes, the other units to be at certain levels too, so check the SDGO wiki for the stuff. If you have 'em all, go to plan-mixing, choose the plan, mix it.

Q: Will the mix ingredients be used up?
A: Yes, except the key unit (The first in the list, the one that needs to be custom 1)

Q: I can't login! Help!
A: If you get "Network connection is fail", its probably just maintenance. For TW, it lasts from 7-12 AM GMT+8, currently on Tuesday. For HK, its HK, Tuesdays 10:00 AM~2:00PM GMT+8. Still missing KR maint time.

Q: I still can't login even if the maintenance is over
A: Either you got your password wrong, or you're banned. Adios.

Q: Why can't I join rooms in expert channel?
A: Set up your battleship first.

Q: What is the EX item for?
A: It resets your EX.

Q: How do I unequip an item?
A: you can't. Because devs never bothered to do so.

Q: What is C/OC?
A: C: Custom points, denoted by the roman I/II/III/IV on the unit status screen. Generally, the max for C ranks are 4 (Except CS, which is 3), B ranks are 3, A ranks are 3 (except AR ranks which are capped from capsule machines), and S ranks are 3 (Except SR, 2.) Recently, in KR only, they have an item to extend the custom slots to the maximum for the ranks. OC is overcustom, which is just that. additional stats.

Q: Why do they have C3 AR then?! Or C4 B ranks?!
A: If you see something that shouldn't happen, its always events. Always. Or in case of Kampfer and Deep Arms CGUE, mission reward. In KR, the custom can be extended, as per the question above.

Q: Why do I get removed from xxx room?
A: In TW, some people limit rooms to only 3 max of a kind so that the room won't be overrun by types. In KR, you might be kicked because you're in a no-oc room and you use high-oc or you are using kings in a no-king room (kings are the best of the best)

Q: Why cant i ready up in a room? some weird box just pops up
A: Some room restrict the unit rank (Common restrictions are BC and ABC), or sometimes the maker outright restricts the player ranks

Q: Why does my spec take so long to come out when other people can do it instantly? Is there some sort of technique?????
A: lrn2lag

Q: Why cant I rank up? I'm stuck at VVV*!
A: Diamonds and above don't have a set exp to level up and based on % of players, so just keep on grinding and you'll eventually rank up. I hope you don't.

Q: Why do I get hit from really far away?
A: Either: a) lag or b) The other player Sinswaps (Lag version of SS)

Q: Why cant i mix Astray Gold Frame Amatsu in TW?
A: The mix plans are gay and use the mix plan for Gold frame, only gold frame as key instead of GINN High Maneuver. So its Gold Frame, 105 Dagger, GM II AEUG, Mermaid Gundam, and GM Cannon for TW.

Q: Why cant i use M?????
A: You're not a full member. I'm not gonna tell you how.

Q: What is the song in x video?
A: Hey, guess what, SDGO isn't the only board on this goddamn forum, there's a music board at general discussion. Goddamn, lurk moar. And in case you're too dense, there's also the anime & manga board for discussion on the series itself and game discussion for discussion on games that are not SDGO. Goddamn.

Q: What is this clover coin thing that has 15/15 on it?
A: Worry not! It is not an event! It is a daily boost for G and EXP, for the first 15 match you do for the day. It resets every day, so enjoy your daily 20% G/EXP boost!

Q: What is the new last option when right clicking a unit in My Room?
A: That is to make the selected unit a handicapped unit. You can only choose one and reset once (i think), so choose wisely. If you deleted it, you CANNOT reselect a handicapped unit. If that happens, you're screwed out from doing quests that require handicapped units.

Q: What are the "glowing icons" next to the EXP and G bar on the results screen?
A: Courtesy of Narru:
First icon is 活動, meaning Event bonus like 2x event.
Second icon is 網咖, meaning Cybercafe/Lanshop bonus.
Third icon is Offer, meaning Operator bonus.
Fourth icon is 誠實(which oddly means honest), meaning Clover bonus.

[b]Helpful Links
Wiki and databases
- (English wiki maintained by Shana and Tanja)
- (Chinese MS database, there's an option for English, ***gots)

Helpful threads
/forum/sdgo-guides/8...-friendly.html (Translated menu items)
/forum/sdgo-guides/4...join-clan.html (How2join a clan in TW)
/forum/sdgo-guides/1...g-science.html (OCEX stat test)

[Will add more Qs when I remember some, or you decide to add, just gimme and I'll update this post.]
[Also, do not move this to guides mods, because these people practically want it shoved at first page on the main board.]
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