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Baby Xiongmao :3
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Mionette is just really niceMionette is just really niceMionette is just really niceMionette is just really niceMionette is just really nice
IGN: Mionette | Voltairre
Class: Witch to_soulmaster

Name: Avy

IGN: Xandrine [also Mionette from M.C. ]

Birthday: November 3rd

Age: 27 [Am I the oldest in the guild? ]

About me: Well, I'm from the Philippines working as a School Nurse / Part-time Biology instructor c: Don't think that I'm too serious okay? xD

I've always been into online games. Been playing Trickster since pre-revo period [about 5 years now ] and Philippine Ragnarok Online for 8 years now c:

I love doing Photoshop edits [Check it out here --> /forum/mirage-coordi...edits-3-a.html ]

Well I'm not usually talkative in game *3/4 of the time afk *, but you can approach me or leave a message anytime and I'll try to get back on you . Mebbe that's why I don't have much friends in game xD

How did I get in MidnightZ? kite messaged my lazy fat sheep and asked if I wanna join xD I asked 1st, do you accept noobs and semi afk members? xD
Everyone seemed nice in the guild

I guess that's it! Looking forward in meeting new friends

Cutie gifs by Rydia!

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