Thread: Is Lunia Dead?
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well anyway before we get too much off topic, the game is certainly not dead. it's dead to a couple of old players who, in their long absence, have built up this great image of what the game once was, and during their brief returns of... what? a few minutes/hours? felt was enough to make a judgement on the whole game.

lunia was never perfect. there were always ups and downs. we just want what we don't have -> too easy? make it harder! too hard? make it easier!

and now here is my controversial observation: the players who had some of the highest dps in myth AND were really good in pvp, and then quit, have not went around forums trashing the game. only the players who were... "lacking" in certain aspects are the ones who trash the game -- whether it be equips/stats, character natural dps (i mention natural dps because of balance/pre-balance/bad balance where there were often situations where Char A had much higher stats but was still much weaker than Char B), rebirths, skill points, etc.