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Originally Posted by iARE1337
Too bad Lunia was never in WCG...

It was however in GNGWC like in '07 which was hosted by Game&Game- Lunia's beta host.
And they did not do anymore after that because glunia got transferred to TFT some months later for the first official release. Of course, there would have been tournaments and at least the GMs of TFT (despite their short-comings) did make a tournament.

However, since then glunia has been going through like this: GnG (CBT/OBT) -> TFT (release with Tia/episode 4) -> ijji (released episode 5/Dacy) and now allm(developer) (post-Underworld patch, still needs ijji reactor)...quite the beating glunia has taken since the OBT days. I'm not surprised that there's no tournaments after that as the playerbase wasn't ever large enough to begin with in the first place.

Now if only Tia's Turn Back Time skill would help turn back lunia to the olden days...then again I'm not sure about that anymore...people would still quit eventually, this just made the process "faster"?

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