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Originally Posted by AoSora
@ shift

I understand your point that OC atk F91 is btr than OC def because well, imo F91's role is not so much close range as it is mid, however, carcer's playstyle may not happen to work that way.

Yes I know that at this point you will probably think something along the lines of "then the playstyle is wrong" because well, i personally have had that experience before, but was acutally quite surprised at what certain players (not to be announced) managed to abuse with different OC builds. While yes, OC is to make a suit more complettivie, I think if you dont plan on going hardcore with a ceratin suit, and just playing around with it, you could OC it to your liking to make the suit more suited for you.


While its true that certain OC builds are more effective than others, i find that OC is to make a suit more suited to your preference. I understand complaining that a suit is not built correctly because it could lead to a negative impact on your gameplay, but you'd be pretty surprised at how well some players can made unusual builds work. My point is that each player has their own niche and cannot play every single suit type at god tier.

Sure it would be great if your playstyle fit the optimal OC build perfectly, because you're just that in sync with the suit, however, i believe that its optional for players to OC something a certain way, as long as it works for them.

i think that at this point you guys should leave carcer with his own build, and a suggestion to try other ones, and potentially a different playstyle once in a while to see how he finds what is generally considered to be F91's ideal role and build.

There's too much rage going down in this thread.


oh and if you can acutally read jp (I can 8D)

then this line says

(B ranku nara 0. 9. A ranku nara 0. 6. Teppeki sukiru ni yoru uemasu seigen nashi da to omo wareru)

this means that a B rank gains 0.9 points and an A rank gains 0.6 and that skills do not seem to value of the increase.

in other words, to clarify for everyone.

If the MS has no penalty, it is ~1 OC point, while if the MS has a penalty, then it is worth several OC points

so lets say that with fortress a B rank will gain ~0.4 or ~0.3 of a stat after the application of a regular OC point, however with EX they will still gain 0.9 instead of the penaltied version.

However, MS without the penalty gain that much ANYWAYS.

so this would make it more efficient for things like snipers/fortress units to put their EX points into those respective stats as they would get awesome bonuses while it would be more worthwhile to invest EX stats into other skills for units without those skills unless you really want that extra OC point. (ex. you need 0.00000001 more damage to be able to kill something in X hits, while atm you can only kill it in x+1 hits and you are OC6)

I hope this solves what people were argueing about and wondering about (as well as makes some clarifications about OCEX), so stop raging at each other already
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Originally Posted by ceacar
Whatever you say.

Check this vid out.
See how a real pro at KR server pilots F91.
This guy plays 8hrs+/day. He make money by broadcasting his live SD gameplay at KR.
See how a NT struggle with F91

Not taking hits? This is just pure joke.

This game is not possible to 100% dodge. 100% hit is possible!
Nobody said to dodge 100%, all you have to do is kill faster than the enemy, simple.
Also, speed maxes out at 24.9 so it doesn't matter from 1000000000000000000 to 24.9, it's all the same in this game.
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