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Originally Posted by Kisaragi
I never said I don't believe that F91 dies in 4 hits.

But I still last long. 4 hits is still survivable. If you're too slow to dodge, then boom.

also, so what? 26.7 is still fast. Just cause it ain't the king doesn't mean it still can't be played for a ploy. There was a reason why F91 was nerfed multiple times.

When it comes to c/ocing, there's no such thing as truth and facts. Only efficiency. Is OC Def efficient enough to make F91 survive things? No, not for me.

Also, Ao, I'll be raging whenever I damn please.
Whatever you say.

Check this vid out.
See how a real pro at KR server pilots F91.
This guy plays 8hrs+/day. He make money by broadcasting his live SD gameplay at KR.
See how a NT struggle with F91

Not taking hits? This is just pure joke.

This game is not possible to 100% dodge. 100% hit is possible!

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