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Originally Posted by Kisaragi
4 hits? Seriously?

I don't even die that quickly with my oc3 f91 = =

F91 has speed. Abuse that. Misguide newbies? really? When F91's job is to deal damage and not take hits? Nobody cares if you have over 9000 exes. If you don't know how to apply exes, its useless. I have a F91 myself. F91 hits hard. Not soak damage. Too slow to dodge? Boo-hoo.

Don't need to accuse other people of misinformation. Its like the pot calling the kettle black.
F91 has speed?? Abuse that???
26.7 you call that speed???? Even Kshatriya has 27.0 IJ&SF 27.6 SR Sinanju 28.5. Abuse F91's speed? just with 26.7??

You don't believe the 4 hits thing??
You said F91 hits hard??
Check out this guys.

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Nice reply.
I hope this forum can have more ppl like you.

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