Thread: Is Lunia Dead?
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stats isnt even an issue anymore. they practically throw stats at you with the incredibly easy to get rod iii/iv eq. (the previous patch made it even easier)

with the 500 stat cap, there is also a 150max raw melee dmg cap (i said 'raw' because there is still the multiplied dmg from down attack, sieg AS, arien's >>AS, etc).

there is only a notable difference if you're playing against someone with 15+ rb, which only makes the difference in HP and MP because again, there is the 500 stat cap. luckily, most 15+ rb people are more into stage than they are into pvp, and because they are more into stage than pvp, their mp drains after a few spells- their maxed skills just can't keep up with 500 int cap

really the only problem had been certain characters' skills' raw damages and multiplied melee bonuses