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Default Seru's Answers!

Originally Posted by Shnao
Explain to me why you are called "Debbie" and why you like rainbows and unicorns so much.
Well I wrote about why I'm called Debbie in my blog (shameless advertisement of blog). Though in short I pretty much got it from meeting one of my best friends 9 years ago which all started on a phone call from our mothers. With my moms korean accent my name sometimes sounds like Davey, but over the phone I guess it sounded like Debbie. So my now best friend for about a week before meeting me thought I was going to be a girl named Debbie. I pretty much consider this my first tarp moment.

I don't really like rainbows. Unicorns on the other hand is a different story. It pretty much started when myself and the other kids in Newspaper created code names for one another and from a long series of events I went from "token asian" to unicorn. Since than, they always gave me gifts that were unicorn related. Hope this answers your question, I tried to keep it as short as I could.

Originally Posted by Mirae
Shnao took my question. >:

Why are you so mean to your lovely wife? Always killing me.
How is that mean? I'm giving you the attention you deserve, and how do you repay me? You run off to Canada to cheat on me with a bunch of Mounties and a baby bear.

Originally Posted by Finnel
oh hi.

Why the unicorns? >:|

Why Ley?
You should know Zero is so much better at stealing your winz.
Zero is a zero. You just mad cause more people want to get ley'd and not be zeroes. *Grand chase reference for those who are confused*.

Originally Posted by moffit
When are you going to come visit me and go skydiving? It's only like $200 for lesson+jump the first time and like $75 or so for each time after~
I don't remember ever saying this. But it sounds like a lot of fun! I'm terrified of heights but I've always wanted to try sky diving. We should totally go once I'm rich and famous.
Originally Posted by Mums
What is your favourite "childhood video game" you played when you were a little boy?
Hands down it would have to be the first Ape Escape on the Playstation. It would have been Pokemon Crystal, but the torment of wasting all my allowance on batteries hinders my love for all pre-SP gameboy games.

Originally Posted by MintyVampire
Why you hate me so much.
You make it so easy.

@fail Shnao and fail Dongface go read blog please :v
and yes I know fail question..will edit when I think of a better one ;_;
Originally Posted by ArturiaPendragon
Dear Seru.

Do you still have Germs? 8D
No I have been germ free for about 4 months now. I now live in a giant hamster ball; similar to the Bubble Boy except mine is made out of saran wrap and duct tape. Times are tough I can't afford name brand Human Sized Hamster Balls

Originally Posted by Mega
What are you doing to that unicorn?!
More like what is that Unicorn doing to me :>?
Originally Posted by Lyn
Are you really a trap?
Yes, I tend to wait for people to come along and capture them with a hole. I tried to refrain from using descriptive words so that this will be left to your imagination.

Originally Posted by Jaeyr
Why are you so smug Debbie?

I'm not. It's just how my face looks. I guess I got it from my troll mother.

Hi kyz :>

Originally Posted by simplyecks
whats stopping you from coming back to TO? ;o

don't say eden eternal! Lol jk but yeah if it is the answer.. now i'll know
I pretty much just quit TO. I did get banned for something stupid, and I am like 99.99% sure I can get my account back. But there really wasn't anything to go back to game wise. I miss all my friends from there, especially the ones I don't have on msn, skype or can talk to here. So in short, I was just finally over with TO, the only thing I miss are the friends who still play it. And ya Eden is way better.

Originally Posted by Advenna
When are you going to make me some dessert? :3
Time and place gingee. Though not sure what kind of desserts to bring...I'll just bring a bunch. Can never have to much 8D

Originally Posted by Ayumi
What are some weird things you do when you're alone?
Is there anything you regret that you're willing to share with us?
Who is your absolute favorite member on ggFTW?
Who is your absolute favorite staff on ggFTW?
What is your favorite game found on our forums?
How often do you play it/them?
What are 3 things you would like to change or implement on ggFTW?
Sometimes I talk to myself without really noticing it. I also tend to burst out into song...a lot recently.

There are a lot of things that I regret. One that I don't mind sharing is that because I was so afraid and confused of who I am for the longest time I found myself getting into the worst and ...sometimes insane relationships. I could have saved myself a lot of heart ache and time if I just took up the courage to accept who I am.

I'm really fond of that guy Seru. I heard he's gonna run for Mrs.ggFTW 2012. Don't tell Mirae.

My favorite staff member is all of them except MintyVampire. Everyday I look in the mirror and thank unicorn that I'm not that twitard MintoeVumpire. jk, I secretly love mintoe like a step-sister.

Currently my favorite game is Eden Eternal. I play it pretty much everyday, but as my guildies can attest to I'm pretty much just doing nothing online cause I'm always doing homework lol.

3 I can't really think of anything serious. So I'll just give three random things. One would be that along with getting game cards from the amazing "ftw points" feature here you also have a chance to win a box of kraft mac and cheese. Just a chance, don't get too excited. Secondly I would implimate a ban MintyVampire feature. She just needs to go. Thirdly I would add more features to "premium subscribesr" just fun things like customized color schemes and some other stuff. I guess the last one isn't very random.

Well thanks for the questions everyone, I had a lot of fun answering them.

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