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clione08 will become famous soon enough
IGN: AlanoreEzikiel/Igo
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Level: 160
Guild: Midnight Z

I can't wait

Exactly how many members are already in? and what time do you guys go online?

Oh I can be a mod ^^

Hobbies: um. Drawing

How can I help? -well, I've organized a successful guild before where many were active, the members were live and we had an exploding chat box. I had very good mods whom kept it up tho, so maybe I can be of help, i guess? I've supported events, tho i'm not rich, i've spend some 10+5+4 = 19m for it. Just once (supposed to be 50m for the grand prize but my mods won't accept it and that it was too big)

I don't like gvgs, but I guess if you want me to be of help, i'll be glad to be in the field
because in my previous guild, we failed with the GvGs cause we weren't synced.

I like "silver spoon" too. Silver sounds cool.

I'm sure I've seen and met you before, your sheep.