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IGN: AlanoreEzikiel/Igo
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Guild: Midnight Z

This is awesome. Do you guys require members to be playing everytime? or is it alright just to be active and chat? A lot of hworks so.. that's why.

Does the guild support games and events?

Yes? ^^

I prefer: Sapphire Shores

I'm lvl 160, witch - light

um. pacific time: 2:00pm - 8:00pm ALMOST everyday. (weekends : 10am)

I'm an old guild master. - I love being a mod. if the guild is fun. ^^
(We ranked somewhere between 5-9 before)

I don't know anything of the show o.o wish that's alright. If anybody needs help, i'll try, tho, im not promising that one. I wonder how I can be of help?

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