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updated 1 GND vid and 1 GNE vid

This vid is flimed in a black rm with 2 of myfriends

If F91 oced Atk, it really dies at light speed : )
F91's weapon damage is not high, so it's not efficient to oc atk.
F91's biggest problem in its big problems is Def.
Nowadays F91 versus Rocks doesn't have that much advantage.
For example, F91 caught IJ and give it 4 slashes and 1 critical shot. Its damage it not as much as that IJ caught F91 and have 4 slashes+3hits of W3.
For me, only if F91 is oced def, I have the guts to do those dare movements in the vid : )

Last, Ex~=3~4 OC points

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