Thread: Is Lunia Dead?
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Originally Posted by Allea
I'm not sure, they still do updates since allm pretty much runs and develops it now, aside from still using accounts and the ijji reactor.

However, I quit lunia after the underworld patch was released (pretty much when it went from ijji -> allm)...which was 2.5 months ago.

My opinion...I think it's dead but I'm probably wrong.
u r dead wrong

lunia has never been more alive. why give an opinion when you do not play the game lunia never had many ppl to begin with but theres always a lot of players to do stuff with. its like me talking about a game when i have just as much knowledge as you and believing that gives me right to say the game is dead when you do not play on a daily basis. in any case lunia is the same as always. The upcoming patch will reel in more older players and as usual more people play during breaks such as summer/winter break or vacation.