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Originally Posted by NekoChan45
i love this whale you can look the rest up if you like I LOVE THIS WHALE! ULISES! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3< 3<3<3<3<3

see now ? O.O

Gender: Male
Length and Weight: 21.3 feet and 9,600 pounds(current) dorsal fin is 6 feet long pectoral flippers 6 feet long
Presumed Age: 36(current)8/15/2012 (will be 37 soon)
Captured and Born: November 15-19,1980(they are not sure which day but so close to my b-day!!!!! the 15th :3) in Iceland brought to sea world in barcelona at the age of 3 to san diego about 5-6 years of age, the reason for him being brought in is because he would beach himself(loves the sun hes so cute :3) and would get stuck rescuers would be on site to push him back in after several times of this they decided to take him in before he accidentally kills himself. Now hes is one of the best and most loved performing whales =^.^=~(I think the absolute best)
Parks: Rioleon Safari, Spain; Aquarama Barcelona, Spain; and SeaWorld California
Breed: 100% Icelandic
Kids: so far he has a son Moana in france mother wikie was done by insemination one of the first successful artificial insemination's yet here's hoping for more!:3 there's the link if you wanna watch the son being born :3 now this is not a seaworld in france but a part of sea world of breeding viewing and studying of killer whales
I shall keep updating this the more info i get to know about him<3 *-*~ =^.^=~ I love this whale so much! if you would like to see more pics of him you can like sea world san diego on face book or can go to my photo bucket hellcat45 i'll be taking more pics later on his pics are on page 29-30 under me and people :3 <3 I have mad love for this sweet sweet whale he's a darling <3
here's a link of the other whales we have and or keep alive in other places =^^= if you are interested is seeing them all :3 soon to hope fully be updated with the new births :3 and deaths :x

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