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lol don't worry i got most of what you said, and thanks for reminding me about the stun. here's my take on flinches:
distance and duration is just a variable that is different for different skills, whereas the physical effect is fixed. that being said, i wouldn't define a flinch by its distance nor duration

for example,
dainn's >>S and hand of earth are both pushes; >>S is a short push while hand of earth is a far push
sieg's blow and dfist are both hkds (not counting blow's stun effect after the hkd); blow is a 0 distance hkd while dfist is a medium distance hkd
eir's holy spirit and maxed dodge are both launching skills; holy spirit has mid-low height while maxed dodge has a lot of height

to make things simpler, i would just call the boss flinch the 75hkd or something since it's only 75 skills that can make bosses flinch