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Originally Posted by YenSai
That is where balance comes in.. It's not impossible to balance all of those stats, you know..I'd be happy to show you my fox's equip/stats in game anytime..

Foxes have 2 LK boosters because LK is essential for surviving a mage. If you don't outlk them enough to where they miss using arrow rush, you're a sitting duck..
There are "lucky hits" in PvP, which balances it out. You can get a lucky hit on someone with 1,000 more HV than your AC, simply because it'd be extremely overpowered if it was impossible to hit someone who had more HV than your AC.

I don't understand where the "fox's accuracy is based on lk" came from though... Accuracy is how foxes land hits..
I must be missing something from your post >_< not making sense to me
Um, I'll start by saying that "- Fox's accuracy is based on LK." is the change I would make.

I know it's not impossible (or very difficult) to balance stats. It's just harder to get the fullest potential when you need to balance so many stats-- especially when compared to other classes. All of the types essentially need 3 stats, (HP, damage dealing stat, accuracy stat), but it doesn't make sense for a fox to have 2 boosters for a stat that does a crappy job at damage dealing, but is the basis for their best debuffs. But requires DA, AC, AND HP as well.

What I'm saying is that the fox's stats have too many mixed responsibilities, and in terms, lowers their efficiency. It's unfair when other classes have such straight forward builds.

I don't think the purpose of the fox's LK boosters are to simply survive the magic class...

i.e. The stat distribution/roles for characters. It's obvious as to what characters I'm referring to.
HP is assumed for all characters.

DA = main damage dealer. best fox skills are exclusive to it. secondary fox debuff. 1x booster.
LK = secondary damage dealer. main fox debuffer. Block defense. 2x booster.
AC = accuracy. 0x booster (why?)
MA = main damage dealer. sole debuffer. HP in terms of a light mage. 1x booster.
LK = accuracy, block defense.
AP = main damage dealer. sole debuffer. 1/2x booster
AC = accuracy. 1/2x booster
HV = main damage dealer. sole debuffer. 1x booster
AC = accuracy.

(I'll leave HP/AP charm builds out of this. I don't think they're unbalanced because by trading possible HV for HP is balanced in itself. HP is HP. As for AP builds, it's compensated by damage formulas and accessibility.)

It's in the sense where dark mages are underpowered compared to light mages. A light mage's HP is based on its MA. It doesn't have the burden of having to redirect much needed comps into HP, but can focus on MA/LK, thereby making it significantly stronger.

Foxes have this retarded mess of a stat layout, so I believe they're inherently weaker than other classes. (Unless they were compensated in some way in damage formulas, which I doubt.) They may have done this because the fox's role was supposed to be mature compounding (so they didn't have an over-powered dual function) but since LK was pretty much raepd in mature compounding formulas, I believe that the fox's general build/concept should be reworked as well.

(Also, we can ignore item compounding advantages as well because the DA requirement for full efficiency is laughable. Any class can slap on 2-3 pieces of DA gear and do the job just as well as a DA fox.)

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