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Default ` L u c e n t/Imperial Guild event

We can't make a guild page here yet so I hope it's alright I post this here. D=

Hello contestants! As I've explained online this is where you may post your sceenshots of all of the boxes you've obtained to win the prize of 50mil and a dandy Isabelle wig fuse =D I will add both driller and hunter boxes into one total if you've decided to collect both. This is the only real way to prove to me that you've collected as many boxes as you say so please just post a SS. I hope you haven't opened your boxes yet or took a SS before you did. Telling me you had 100,000 boxes but used 99,850 of them and now only have 150 left wont cut it If you don't win the event don't worry. If I see that you've obtained a fairly large amount of boxes then I'll try my best to get you something for your efforts =D

Here's how many boxes I got

No, I didn't get 130k Boxes. As nice as that would be thats just my key It's 30k then 8k in storage since the max limit to hold a single item is 32k

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