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Default TPN's Ultimate Search Guide--for the Forums, SD and Beyond!

Tehprognoob’s Ultimate Guide to Searching

Okay, perhaps not ultimate…but useful to all the masses of people groaning that their searches turn up nothing. Veteran forum members will know much of this already.
First, a simple web search turned up these helpful guides:
Google Search Tricks
General Web Search Know-Hows
Courtesy of Ask.Com

A Simple Introduction to Search Engines
A search engine is software designed to shift through terabytes by terabytes of data looking for a match of a set of keywords, or queries, that the user enters. Sophisticated search engines like Google can look through millions of sites in less than a third of a second. For your purposes, much of the need for searching is limited to ggFTW.Com’s search engine, which should not run too differently. Try the tricks listed above for yourself; you are the only one qualified to advise yourself on what to use.
Searching Habits of the Common Sheep that one should Kick, and Tricks for Searching the ggFTW Forums
1. Using vague queries—because of the nature of their operation, and because of the fact that a search engine is not (yet) SkyNet, it would not sift through all the data in the world for a little one-two-letter word/combination of characters. A powerful corporate one will be forced to do so because it is part of the business, but forum engines will not. A while ago, someone complained that no, that person could not get the Suit Customization thread post on Gundam 00 when the person searched “00.” Now, there’s no reason to think that you may not have searched the whole phrase, but “00” is not a proper query. The proper method would be to visit the Suit Customization Thread, click “Search This Thread” at the top of the first post of any page, and type “00 Gundam” in with the quotation marks. A few posts down and you would have found a post regarding 00.
2. Searching one set of keywords and giving up—there are many words for each item. T3, Tallgeese 3, TG3 and Tallgeese III are all examples of phrases describing the third mobile suit in the Tallgeese lineage. If the first try returns nothing, do it again with extra keywords, different keywords or quotations at different spots.
3. Searching the general search and expecting specific things to turn up—ggFTW-oriented; this is a games forum with many other games. Find a specific thread, such as Suit Customization or General Questions and Answers, use “Search This Thread,” or if you need to locate something in a specific forum, go to the Advanced Search page and select the forum you wish to search in, a ton of other options and even the person who posted it. I use it to check for replies to my posts without having to subscribe to anything by searching “tehprognoob” in the Search Posts by User box, with “specific name” checked (Note: type it fast or the forum engine will enter the name it thinks you are searching for based on the characters you entered—a second ago. For me, TehPanda or Teh4thMagi always gets auto-entered when I hit the Enter key on my keyboard if I didn’t type faster than the engine could catch up. Otherwise, wait for it to do so and pop out your desired name.).
Onward to SDGO
Do not ask about:
1. OCEX stats—just look at this thread .
2. Whether agility accelerates shooting—here.
3. When a suit will turn up in what server.
4. –Reserved. A senior member will fill me in on what else not to search-

In Case SDGOWiki.Com Dies
1. The Old Wiki
Wikia.Com, which hosts this, is a *****. Their sidebar blocks the suit mix plan. Instead, click on the little circle at the top of the unit page, right of the “Unit Number,” “Unit Type,” et cetera-bar.
2. OlGame SDGO Mobile Suit Database
For none-Chinese readers, this gets difficult. Here is a quick MS Paint guide to searching OlGame:

Note: For the shows, the list is:
1. MSG 0079
2. 08th MS Team
3. MSG 0080
4. MSG 0083
5. Zeta Gundam
6. ZZ Gundam
7. MF G Gundam
8. Gundam Wing
9. Gundam Wing (Endless Waltz)
10. MSG Char’s Counter Attack
11. Gundam SEED
12. Gundam SEED Destiny
13. SD Gundam BB Senshi Brave Battle Warriors
14. Gundam F91
15. Gundam 00
16. Victory Gundam
17. Gundam X
18. Gundam Unicorn
19. Turn A Gundam
Use the MAHQ Gundam Mecha Database to determine what show a suit belongs to. Their search engine does not work.
For the Unit Specialty, from left to right on the screen:
Transforming (With R Mode), Repair, Large type, Sniping
For the other pages, on a Unit’s page, the tabs on top of the stats grid are as follows:
Stats (Default), Weapons, Skills, Background story, Suggested Builds as stored by OlGame users.
Beneath the Unit Image are, top down, left to right:
Rank, Unit Map preference
Boost Time (Usually incomplete).
Capsule Machines containing it
Show from whence it came
Builds Tab:
3 Roman Numerals on top of the grid are the Custom Points numbers. Different editions of the suits have different numbers of C Points. The default is IV, or 4 points. The stats are:

Hit the Up Arrow next to each stat to raise it, down arrow to lower. Left button beneath it is rest all points, right one is store my build (will need to log on).
Beneath this tab is the Unit EXP table, EXP needed to raise the unit a certain level.
First row:
Unleveled to SP, SP to Skill 1, Skill 1 to Skill 2, Skill 2 to C1, C1-C2, C2-C3, C3-C4
Second row:
Beneath the Unit Tab
Mix plan
Suits whose plans require the unit.
Weapons Page:
Each Row: Weapon Image, name and damage multiplier, ammo count, effects. For main melee weapons, a number indicates the KD count—how many hits until a normal enemy is knocked down.
The last weapon is the shield. Name and DMG Multiplier is replaced by shield health, next row is the percentage of damage negated by the shield per shot.

Will add more later…

EDIT: Make sure I didn't mess up...I'm tired after 6 hours of football practice.
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